Drupal Training


    Welcome to the Computing and IT Center's Drupal Training Wiki!

    ***Please note that these pages are for the previous version of Drupal, though much still applies to the current version. ***

    We know that changing the way you work on the web is not always the easiest thing to do, especially when you are used to doing things "a particular way." We can be honest about that!

    Attending a hands-on training session is the best way to develop the skills needed to work with our new content management system (along with practice!), but sometimes you might need a refresher, or would like to see "how it's done" again.

    Rest easy. We've compiled all of our training documents here, along with video screencasts of typical tasks that you are going to use in Drupal every day, so you don't need to remember everything!

    Screencasts - Check out recordings of common Drupal activities to review your skills at your own pace.
    Documents - Misplace that reference sheet? Download it again right here.