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    In order to help you review your skills with Drupal - we've created several "screencasts" or screen recordings of common Drupal activities with audio instruction. You may watch these movies anytime and at your own pace, to help refresh your memory on skills learned in training that you may have forgotten.

    You will need to have Apple Quicktime installed on your computer which can be downloaded free of charge here.

    Logging into your Drupal Site

    In this screencast, we'll review how to log in to your Drupal site.

    Creating a New Page in Drupal

    Review how to create a new page to add to your Drupal site.

    Editing Text

    In this screencast, we'll go over how to edit text on a page in Drupal.
    Learn how to align text that you've entered on a page in Drupal.

    Creating a Hyperlink

    Want to create a hyperlink to a file or another website? Watch this screencast to review how.
    In this screencast, we'll review how to create a new folder in FileManager for Drupal.

    Editing the Main Page

    Review how to change the text on the main page of your Drupal site.

    Creating a New County Link

    Want to add or edit the list of County Links on your Main Page? Review how in this screencast.
    Want to post a monthly newsletter or other document on your Drupal site? Watch this screencast to review how.

    List Saved Pages

    In this screencast, we'll review how to show all of the saved pages in your county website.
    Are pages that you've created no longer relevant or needed? Review how to delete pages in this screencast.

    Deleting Files and Folders

    In this screencast we'll review how to remove files and folders that you've created in Drupal.
    Finished editing your Drupal site? Make sure you remember to log out! Watch this screencast to review how.