Nursery Crops IPM

    Welcome to the UK Nursery Crops IPM Wiki! This database will provide information on both common and new diseases that affect nursery crops. This page is intended to provide an open place for discussion of plant diseases and insect pests. Feel free to leave comments about your experiences with these issues and how you have dealt with them.

    Check out our UKREC Nursery Crops Development page for information about the UK Nursery Crops program and current events in the Nursery Crop field. An archive of the Nursery Crop Updates and HortMemos is also available.

    An excellent source of IPM information can be found online at the Kentucky Pest News page. This site provides regular updates on plant pathology news and information about what diseases are being diagnosed in Kentucky.

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    For videos on Integrated Pest Management and other Nursery topics please visit the UKREC Horticulture YouTube channel.

    This site is made possible thanks to funding provided by the Kentucky Horticulture Council and the Kentucky Agricultural Development Fund.