Tactical Urbanism: Build a Better Block Middlesborough

    Eight UKLA students volunteered over the weekend of October 25 - 27 to work with the City of Middlesborough, Kentucky on their Build a Better Block event. The students had the opportunity to work with citizens of Middlesborough, volunteers from Lincoln Memorial University, Lori Garkovich of the Department of Community and Leadership Development at UK, Mike Lydon of The Street Plans Collaborative, and Isaac Kremer of Discover Downtown Middlesborough Kentucky. Build a Better Block is a tactical urbanism event intended to use home-grown talent and local design assistance to create short term urban interventions that can demonstrate the potential for longer-term design strategies.

    The students were Achan Sookying, Boyd Sewe, Austin Saur, Meg Maloney, Travis Klondike, Liz Clark, Nolan Stone, and Clayton Pitcock.